New Year, New Blog

05 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!

At the close of 2013 I started looking for a project to occupy my 2014. Something to keep me active and engaged in my off hours. You know, a hobby. As I ran through the possible options they all came back to "do something and blog about it".

I was vaguely familiar WordPress and installed it quickly. Though I don't have much experience with HTML or PHP, I did find a plugin that supported Markdown editing. As I have been using Markdown extensivly to do documentation on other projects I thought this meant I wouldn't have to learn a new technology.

Mid-way through my first blogpost I realized I didn't care for the way the base theme, Twentythirteen, was handling <code> blocks. I began shopping around for a better theme. Having found none I liked, I resolved to write my own WordPress theme. I began tinkering with WordPress, reading source code, and hacking at a solution. I was pleased with the progess I made and had made great strides towards my principle goal: Excellent handling of <code> blocks.

Speaking with a coworker, though, I was told about Github Pages and Jekyll; which have combined to form the platform on which you are now reading this blog. I will leave the installation guide to Github Pages. The explination found there is excellent. I do want to mention a few reasons why I've chosen to concentrate on Github Pages and Jekyll as my blog host.

There are, however, a few challenges as well:

25 To Go

This represents my first entry in a year of articles. Most of the rest will, hopefully, be more robust, but my goal for this year is to publish 26 articles on technical subjects. One about every two weeks. Thanks for reading the first one and I hope you'll come back for more soon.